beehaus - Nisthilfe aus Beton; Firma Grellroth

beehaus: The insect hotel made of durable concrete

A real design statement in every bee-friendly garden or green cityscape.

© Grellroth

Advantages of Concrete

Insect hotels, also referred to as houses for wild bees are often made out of wood or old stalks. Yet, bamboo sticks and other organic nesting material for these boxes are often full of splintery parts that can injure the bees and their delicate wings. So, what are the advantage of concrete for such constructions? Firstly, concrete is an extremely robust material, almost indestructible and no special care is required. Secondly, its surface is very smooth and therefore safer for the bees. Thirdly, after the young bees have flown out, the nest can be cleaned easily with a thin brush, without causing damage. Lastly, it cannot rot or develop fungi like some wooden nesting boxes do. The concrete insect hotels from Grellroth will provide wild bees with a “roof over their heads” for many years to come.

© Grellroth

Wild bees’ happines at home – the modern nesting aid made of concrete for insects and bees

The „beehaus“ offers wild bees excellent nesting opportunities and shelter in winter. Since the holes have different diameters, several wild bee species can benefit from these. They lay their eggs in the smooth, narrow tunnels. They provide them with nectar and pollen. The bees close up their tunnels until the larvae hatch and fly out in spring – usually in March.

© Grellroth